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Zombies Dead Warfare: Underground Zombie Fight 1.3 APK

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    Jul 03 2019

Zombies Dead Warfare: Underground Zombie Fight

Subway zombie attack is one of the top zombie shooting games. This game belongs to the league of top FPS zombie survival games! Your targets are very clear shoot the dead men. If you want to be a one of post Apocalypse survival than fight for life for the sake of you and the humanity. Don’t let these Dead man’s invade in your world. Don’t afraid to Download FREE zombie shooting game and fight against these dead man’s. Don’t be scare they are just a living dead. Some chemical reactions made these dead triggers. Kill them before they make end of the world. Be safe while attacking these monsters. They can smell fresh blood. Story:Dr R was doing biological experiments in his underground secret lab since 2000. He was too smart he made his Lab near to the city main Subway station.So no one can suspect him. While he was working on trigger death cells in humans he discover something more destructive though it happens accidentally. The humans he was experimenting on all of sudden turns into deadly zombies. Dr. parker his assistant suggest him to send these zombies in human world. While these dead machines start killing. We will make antidote of this virus and will sale for a high price But things don’t go as planed. One night in lab an explosion happens and all these zombies get out to the nearest subway station and start killing humans. You as special hitman is appointed to go inside the Subway kill Zombies as many as you can. Find survivals and rescue them to the exit points. You will be dropped by helicopter near the the subway. Agent Nena Will coordinates with you.Select your best agent, Each agent provided one 9mm pistol and one AK47 or M 16 guns. Guns has more hitting range and effectiveness than pistol. When you aim on zombies auto firing starts and kill the zombie. Ammunition and time is limited to complete the mission. Play the FPS zombie action games play online games or offline games. Shoot zombies til death. In first chapter missions are set for survivals fight with dead army agents can dance and make it funniest free zombie games. In 2nd chapter main objective is to find the antidotes which Dr. parker and Dr. R split in 4 parts with his bad guys. Those bad boys have taken some antidotes therefore these zombies become zombie army for these goons. So you have to fight against them as they have AK 47 too. Maps will be explored in some mission to find your way to Dr. assistants and kill them. Some missions have trains but to operate trains you have to save the train driver to drive the train. Remember not let the generator turns off as Zombies hunts human more quickly.Feature:1. 20 missions split in two chapters2. 4 agents each have more powerful guns3. Special chopper to drop you in mission and pick you after completion4. Explosive drums are placed when hit bullets to them it will damage the zombies5. Bonus points will get on each zombie killingYour agent can dance in free time which make it best funny games. Head shots make more damage. This is one of the best Third Person Shooting TPS game or action war games than this is truly zombie hunter game. Play survival in a zombie apocalypse with this Third Person Shooting TPS games. It is a crazy zombie wali game. Smash the zombies hard. Have Fun -:)
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Zombies Dead Warfare: Underground Zombie Fight 1.3 for Android 4.1 or higher APK Download

Version : 1.3 for Android 4.1 or higher

Update on : 2019-07-02

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