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    Sep 16 2021


Say goodbye to radical diets and YO-YO effects and start the most popular app for healthy habits: superloop
We enable you to finally lose weight fast and sustainably by daily healthy habits. Superloop - the new No. 1 app for a healthy & fit lifestyle - will help you lose excess pounds, reach your goals and feel better with a holistic and playful approach.

⭐ Does it really work?
YES! The right implementation and combination of healthy habits has been proven to lead to fast and sustainable weight loss. 90% of all successful people worldwide swear by this method.
⭐ Is the superloop program healthy?

YES! Use our superloop app to lose weight, reach your goals and feel better. Be active, eat better, sleep better, get in top shape, stay motivated and mindful. It's all easy and step-by-step with a daily plan to suit your everyday life. Created by our trainers and health experts.
⭐ Is the superloop app suitable for me?
Our healthy habits app is designed especially for beginners and returners who want to lose weight and get fit. For all those who find it difficult to motivate themselves or stay on track. Your personal plan, which you receive from us, is individually adapted to you, your goals and needs.

⭐ Why healthy habits by superloop?

✔ They help you improve your nutrition, fitness & motivation.
✔ They lead you easily and playfully to your goals
✔ Reduce your fat loss naturally and effortlessly
✔ Help you lose weight without dieting
✔ Avoid the yo-yo effect and permanent calorie counting
✔ Bring you quick & lasting results
✔ Promote your health and well-being
✔ They increase your energy level
✔ Can prevent heart disease or diabetes
✔ Improve your quality of life
✔ Slow down your aging process

⭐ Start daily healthy habits with our smart tools:

✅ Benefit from highly effective fitness short workouts.
✅ Just 15 mins a day, no equipment needed, easy & anywhere.
✅ Water tracker - logs your drinking & sends reminders
✅ Steps Tracker - monitors your steps to make sure you're moving enough
✅ Activity check - find out how many calories you burn in everyday life

⭐ Join our unique superloop community and reach your goals faster than ever before:
✔ Customized daily plan with daily tasks, challenges & infos to help you build healthy habits and enjoy getting to your goal.
✔ Fitness section - individual training plan and over 100 exercises and workouts for lots of inspiration & variety
✔ Nutrition section - offers 400 delicious, healthy recipes, nutrition roadmap and tips & tricks.
✔ Expert library - supports your journey with useful knowledge
✔ Progress - get valuable insights to see your successes
✔ Motivation - get the right support every day through our coaches, personal messages or community to stay on the ball
✔ Buddies - connect with your friends to share or build habits together
✔ Guaranteed weekly progress & sustainable success
⭐ Our promise with our superloop app if you stick with it:
✅ Long-term benefits & success.
✅ Achieve your desired weight in the easiest and most sustainable way possible
✅ Lose weight, get fit & feel good, finally long-term success without the yo-yo effect
✅ Secure personal feelings of happiness and healthy habits every day
✅ Establish your inner balance, connect body, mind & soul
✅ Activate the most natural anti-ageing process
✅ Protect yourself from illness, lack of energy & depression
✅ Lead a fit, attractive & happy life
What are you waiting for? Start NOW!
Start your journey to a new life. Download the superloop app now!
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